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SCHEDULE CHANGE: District 2 returning to all-remote instruction due to increasing COVID concerns

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Bensenville School District 2 will shift back to its all-remote instruction model starting Tuesday, October 27.

BSD2 schools have remained safe since returning to in-person instruction under a hybrid plan last week. 

However, new COVID cases in Bensenville and Wood Dale -- and across DuPage County -- have continued to rise since then. The DuPage County Health Department (DCHD) changed the county-wide community transmission level from moderate to substantial on Monday. Other metrics -- particularly infections among children and cases of transmission at schools -- remained low enough, though, that schools were permitted to continue in-person instruction. 

Since then, some of those metrics that are more impactful on our operations have also risen to concerning levels, and the Governor announced tighter COVID restrictrictions for DuPage County.

“That is why we’ve decided to temporarily transition back to all-remote instruction,” said Dr. James Stelter, BSD2 Superintendent of Schools. “We will closely monitor this situation and act on the advice of the DCHD experts. We hope for health trends to improve soon so we can open again for in-person hybrid instruction.”


  • The Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois State Board of Education both advise that communities should expect their schools to alternate between in-person and remote instruction as local COVID transmission levels rise and fall. Click here to learn how state and local public health officials determine when to open and close schools due to COVID.
  • Schools’ cleaning practices will continue with the same rigor as if students were in attendance, so our actual school buildings will remain safe. They don’t transmit the virus, anyway; people do. It’s the size of the groups of people gathering in our schools, the length of time they’re together, and the extent to which they’re practicing social distancing and other safety measures that determine the risk of COVID transmission. Suspending in-person instruction at this time reduces that risk.
  • With exception of those granted ADA accommodations, BSD2 staff will continue to work from their schools during this period of remote learning. The BSD2 Board of Education believes students need to see their teachers in their classrooms. In-person staff attendance also allows for better technology support, collaboration among colleagues, and administrative observation to improve instruction.
  • Practice safety measures that reduce the risk of COVID transmission. Wash your hands frequently. Social distance and wear face coverings in public. Stay home and get tested if you or anyone in your family experiences any COVID symptoms or has close contact with someone who has a confirmed COVID diagnosis.