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BACK-TO-SCHOOL BRIEFS: Need-to-know info on art, music, physical education and Encore classes

As we approach the first day of school on Wednesday, August 18, we will share brief daily messages providing more details on the District's 2021-2022 In-Person Reopening Plan.

Art, Music, Physical Education & Encore Classes

  • These classes will return to their typical instructional spaces. Students will travel to them to participate. These spaces will be configured to provide for appropriate physical distancing (no less than 3 feet) to the greatest extent possible.

  • These classes typically feature numerous hands-on activities. Teachers will monitor the use of these materials within their classroom, place appropriate limits on and parameters for using and sharing them, and see that they are properly cleaned between uses.

  • Music and band instruction will be offered with adjustments to accommodate for ongoing COVID restrictions. 

  • Physical education classes will be held outside as weather permits. Masking and appropriate physical distancing will be required when they are conducted inside the schools’ gymnasiums, fitness centers, and labs. 

  • Middle school students will not dress out for physical education classes because of space limitations and the shared lockers within the school's locker rooms.

Click here to review the BSD2 2021-2022 In-Person Reopening Plan.

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