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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Shout out to BMS parents who have submitted vaccination verification for their children

More than 120 parents of Blackhawk Middle School students have submitted vaccination verification for their children.

If your child has received the COVID vaccine, please click the link below to complete the confidential online vaccination verification form. The information collected from it will be essential in assisting us in keeping students and staff safe. 

During contact tracing, the District and the DuPage County Health Department will use these forms to determine if students that have been identified as close contacts to a confirmed COVID case must quarantine. (If masking guidance changes, schools will use the forms to determine who does not have to wear a face covering because they are vaccinated.)

Nobody is required to submit a confidential vaccination verification form, but fully vaccinated students are not required to quarantine if exposed to someone with COVID, and the District and the DuPage County Health Department will consider those without forms on file to be unvaccinated.


Please consider getting vaccinated!

Students 12 and older are eligible for the COVID vaccine, which greatly reduces the chance they will get COVID. Vaccinated individuals who do get COVID typically experience less severe symptoms, are less likely to require hospitalization, and are more likely to survive the illness. 

Where should you go to get your vaccination?

10/7 BSD23 COVID Dashboard


Ten positive COVID cases were reported to the District this week. 

  • Three cases at Blaackhawk produced three close contacts that were required to quarantine. 
  • Three cases at Johnson produced five close contacts. 
  • Four cases at Tioga produced 12 close contacts. 

Parents, your help and understanding is essential to the success of all our COVID safety measures.

Keep your child home if they are sick or symptomatic. 

Your choice to send your sick child to school could negatively impact countless others. Please keep them home until a negative COVID test confirms they can return to school.