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WINTER WEATHER UPDATE: eLearning Days set to replace emergency ‘snow days’

District 2 can now call eLearning Days when closing schools due to extreme weather. 

An eLearning Day will count as a regular school day, and will not require the District to use a built-in emergency day at the end of the school year.

Students in Grades K-8 will be sent home with their Chromebooks when weather forecasts suggest school closures are a possibility. Parents will then be notified no later than 6 a.m. if the District is closing its schools and holding an eLearning Day. (No announcement means it will be a normal school day.)

Attendance will be taken during eLearning Days, and the hours of the school day will be the same. Instead of travelling to school, though, students will join their classes through their teachers’ virtual links, which will be posted on the District website and sent to parents via email and text message.