4. How will I verify that the learning assignments are complete?

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Grades Pre-K-2:

  • Parents may ask their child to tell them about the assignments completed.  If desired, parents can also communicate with their child’s teacher(s) via their grade level App to share the learning their child is acquiring.

    • Tioga:
      • Grades Pre-K-2:  SeeSaw
      • Grades K-2 Bilingual: RemindMe

    • WAJ:
      • Grads K-1:  Bloomz
      • Grade 2:  RemindMe

Grades 3-8:

  • Parents may ask their child to share the assignments completed before submitting by 9 p.m. 

  • Beginning on Friday, April 24, parents may verify that the learning activities are complete by reviewing automated Google Classroom emails. This feature in Google Classroom, called Guardian Summaries, can provide parents with a weekly description of their child’s work each Friday while we are under the Remote Learning environment. Here are directions for signing up for the Guardian summary emails: 

    • Parents who have an email account on file with the district have had their email addresses added to Google Classroom. An invite email was sent and you can click “Accept” to begin receiving these weekly summaries starting April 24.

    • Parents who do not have an email account on file with the district can contact your school’s instructional technology specialist.

Click here for additional information about Guardian Summaries. 

NOTE:  All questions regarding technology and/or lesson activities will be answered within 24 hours using the links below: