What are the expectations for my child when participating in remote learning?

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Staff are using a number of tools to ensure engagement and interest (e.g., Google Hangouts/Meet, Zoom, and GoToMeeting). We need your help to ensure these tools are being used appropriately by students:

  • Caregivers should be mindful about what family activities would potentially be heard/seen during the students’ use of video conferencing. This is a great tool to keep students connected, but please have your students use these tools somewhere near enough you can monitor, yet private enough to concentrate on their work.
  • Please have students dress appropriately in a space that is appropriate for them to work (e.g., table, desk) when video conferencing, and make sure that there are no distracting materials or backgrounds.
  • Monitor your child’s assignments for completion. Contact the teacher if questions arise about the amount of time your child’ is spending on assignments.
  • Parents, please keep in mind that when an assessment is given online, allow your child to respond on his/her own. Staff use the assessment information in order to design the best instruction based on each child’s needs. If you help your child too much, the instruction will not be aligned to his/her needs.